[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-four” select_thumb_image=”737″ info_box_title=”MOUTH WATERING FOOD” info_box_text=”Rodich foods are made using locally produced ingredients. Our chefs create melt-in-your-mouth dishes that’ll satiate even the fussiest eaters.” info_box_button=””]
[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-four” select_thumb_image=”739″ info_box_title=”DEDICATED & ATTENDING STAFF” info_box_text=”There is a game between the waiters in Rodich to see who serves the food to each table fastest. That led to Rodich attempting the Guinness Record.” info_box_button=””]
[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-four” select_thumb_image=”737″ info_box_title=”RELAXING ATMOSPHERE” info_box_text=”The Rodich’s atmosphere set the stage. It’s about more than just a dining room away from your home. Rodich’s food takes the spotlight as guests.” info_box_button=””]
[rodich_subtitle subtitle=” Just Explore our Services” text_size=”50px” css=”.vc_custom_1497966090602{padding-bottom: 5px !important;}”][rodich_title title=”We Offer Delicious Services” text_color=”#ffffff” text_size=”45px”]
[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-three” select_image=”889″ info_box_title=”Healthy Ingredients” info_box_text=”These quick and easy recipes are made by healthy ingredients for a delicious and healthy meal.”]
[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-three” select_image=”889″ info_box_title=”Tasty Foods” info_box_text=”Rodich chefs create melt-in-your-mouth dishes that will satiate even the fussiest eaters.”]
[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-three” select_image=”889″ info_box_title=”SPECIAL DRINKS” info_box_text=”White rum, agave syrup, fresh lime served with a salted rim. Try as classic with tequila.”]
[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-three” select_image=”889″ info_box_title=”lOVELY SERVICE” info_box_text=”There is a game between the waiters in Rodich to see who serves the food to each table fastest.”]
[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-three” select_image=”889″ info_box_title=”Table Ordering” info_box_text=”Take look at our fabulous menu. And use our beest online booking system to book a table instantly!”]
[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-three” select_image=”889″ info_box_title=”Special Menus” info_box_text=”Every day with special and Rodich’s daily specials including the vegetarian dish of the day.”]
[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-three” select_image=”889″ info_box_title=”Party Celebrations” info_box_text=”Sharing boards are the best way to explore our rum range. All served with your choice of mixer.”]
[rodich_info_box info_box_style=”info-box-three” select_image=”889″ info_box_title=”Home Delivery” info_box_text=”Everyday essentials delivered on time with a schedule you set. Don’t forget to order your dishes.”]
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[rodich_subtitle subtitle=” We deliver on correct time ” text_size=”55px”][rodich_title title=”Come & Experience Our Best of World Class Cuisine” text_size=”35px”]
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